Software to Control PTZ Cameras
PTZ Controller 3.0 is Coming Soon!
PTZ Controller
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PTZ Controller 3.0 makes it much more easier to control PTZ camera.
PTZ Controller 3.0  supports all functions which supported by PTZ Controller v2.9, such as multiple PTZ camera protocols, basic control for Pan, Tilt, Focus, Zoom, Iris, Auto Scan, Preset, and so on.
PTZ Controller 3.0 allows you to connect multiple cameras to different COM ports on one computer . It's easy to switch among different PTZ cameras.
PTZ Controller 3.0 supports Auto/Manual options for camera Focus and Iris.
PTZ Controller 3.0 provides multiple AutoScan tracks.
PTZ Controller 3.0 supports build-in USB Joystick and Game PAD.
PTZ Controller 3.0 is capable of remote control PTZ cameras by HTTP request.