Software to Control PTZ Cameras
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PTZ Controller
PTZ Controller 3.0 makes it much more easier to control PTZ camera.
PTZ Controller 3.0  supports all functions which supported by PTZ Controller v2.9, such as multiple PTZ camera protocols, basic control for Pan, Tilt, Focus, Zoom, Iris, Auto Scan, Preset, and so on.
PTZ Controller 3.0 allows you to connect multiple cameras to different COM ports on one computer .
PTZ Controller 3.0 supports Auto/Manual options for camera Focus and Iris.
PTZ Controller 3.0 provides multiple Auto Scan tracks, including preset position scan and auto pan.
PTZ Controller 3.0 supports build-in USB Joystick and Gamepad. It allows you to configure the buttons as you want.
PTZ Controller 3.0 can be run as PTZ Controller server. PTZ camera can be controller remotely by HTTP request.

   What's New in PTZ Controller 3.0
  • Multiple COM Ports connection
  • Multiple Auto Scan tracks
  • Build-in USB Joystick and Gamepad
  • Remote control by HTTP request
  • Powerful Custom Function Buttons
  • Auto/Manual switch for Focus and Iris
  • Normal, compact and mini views
PTZ Controller 2.9 is still available!
If you don't need the new features in 3.0, you can just order PTZ Controller 2.9.
If you already have PTZ Controller 2.9, you just need to pay $20 upgrade fee to get a registration code for PTZ Controller 3.0.


PTZ Controller Normal view
Normal View

 PTZ Controller Compact view
Compact View

 PTZ Controller mini view
Mini View


1. Do I need to uninstall PTZ Controller 2.9 before I install PTZ Controller 3.0?
No, you can keep PTZ Controller 2.9. PTZ Controller 3.0 is a new application. to 3.0.
2. How many PTZ camera protocols does PTZ Controller 3.0 support?
PTZ Controller 3.0 supports same protocols as PTZ Controller 2.9, which include Pelco D, Pelco P, AD, Bosch, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, LiLin,  and Canon.
3. What kind of joystick work with PTZ Controller 3.0?
It works with USB joystick or gamepad. We recommend Logitech’s extreme 3D joystick or Logitech RumblePad.